The Best Massages and Bodywork in Oregon City

Getting a therapeutic massage increases your wellbeing, helps reduce toxins and tension related pain, calms your mind and refreshes your spirit! It’s an essential tool for taking care of yourself in today’s chaotic, stressful world.

The 60, 90, or 120 minutes you spend on MaShayla’s comfortable massage table, breathing deeply, enjoying the scent of relaxing essential oils and listening to soft, soothing music, is a vacation you can give yourself from the demands of your day to day world. Whatever tension you feel in your body will melt away, and you’ll be refreshed and rejuvenated from the second you step inside the studio, to when you’re receiving your massage, to many days after your session.

MaShayla’s holistic approach to massage therapy incorporates deep-tissue, Swedish, acupressure points, Trigger Point Therapy (TPT) and natural aromas to adapt to each clients unique needs. She tunes in to deliver whatever is the most therapeutic method for your body at any given time, and takes pride in giving the best massage possible in a clean, calm and comfortable setting.

Located in downtown Oregon City, MaShayla’s space is a sanctuary perfectly set up to facilitate deep relaxation, which supports the parasympathetic nervous system to facilitate the deepest relaxation and healing.

Services offered

✓ Acupressure ✓ Deep Tissue ✓ Geriatric ✓ Prenatal ✓ Trigger Point Therapy ✓ Aromatherapy Massages

— Mobile massage available upon request —